My Race is #FABC99

I’ve decided to try to find a solution to this stupid race “problem” of color labelling people as if we’re some kind of decorative accessory. Since it would be horrifying to see someone who was really white or black like paper and ink (and they’re not colors, anyway), I thought I would try to ID skin tones like they do at the paint shop.

I found an app that uses your iPad camera to photograph anything to determine its color in a number of the systems that are offered. You aim at a part of you that stays about the same tone all year (no tanning) — I used the inside of my wrist.

My result is below. So please don’t call me white. I am peach-orange or, as I prefer, #FABC99.

My race is peach-orange.

Memento Vita 070615: The Small Things

Memento vita 070615: The Small Things

memento vita mustard seeds obedience

Memento Vita

I don’t have to work for the Sun to rise or for the stars to sparkle. I don’t have to work for my cats to make me laugh, or for my wife’s smile. I don’t have to work to be shaded by age old oaks or warmed by newborn’s breath. I don’t have to work for my next breath or heartbeat, or for the universe to dance before me to the music of atoms and gas giants.

I don’t have to lift a finger for these great things that sustain me in my short, beautiful life. So why do I avoid doing the small things that will sustain me forever?

Memento vita 070615: The Small Things

Memento Vita 112312: Obedience

Memento Vita: 112312: Obedience

memento vita mustard seeds obedience

Memento Vita
To lead is to follow; obedience commands obedience.

 Memento Vita: 112312: Obedience

Sin and its effects on the individual


Good Friday 2015: To be sin

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. (2 Corinthians 5: 20-21)

I listen as sin speaks from the Cross.

For the times you stood and watched as injustice was done, my right foot was pierced. For the times you walked away as someone suffered, my left foot was spiked. For the times you thought only of yourself and sought meaning through your possessions, the skin was flayed from my back.

For the evil that you did my left hand was impaled; for the good you withheld my right hand was nailed. For the unkind words you uttered, my face was slapped; for the evil you let entertain you, my eyes were blackened. For the fantasies you created about yourself, the lies you told and the sins you entertained in your mind, I wore a crown of thorns.

But my side was lanced to empty you of bitterness and to bathe you sweetly. And if you let me, I will pick up and carry the twisted, broken, pierced thing that you have allowed sin to make of you. I will wrap you in linen and lead you to rest. And when angels come to find you, they will not. For already you will have risen with me.

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.


Priests in Paradise: What Will They Do?

priestly ordination (9b)

What is waiting for a good priest in Paradise?

He will serve at the Lord’s table. Not sit. Not be honored. He will serve.

Why would a priest expect anything less in his earthly life?

Are not the angels, created first and beholding His face, considered less than the least human child?

Ed Lightly.


You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. ed

I’m the one spending another evening cutting lines with a single edged razor. Packing the stuff in the right amounts into little plastic bags for the delivery tomorrow…and then the payoff. I am not inconsequential, Andy. I am the consequence. A guy hands his in and gets them returned, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who trims!

Ed lightly.

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Yankee Doodle Common Core


Yankee Doodle saw the Gov
And found out he’s a phony;
Took a look at Common Core
and said, “What’s this baloney?”

Yankee Doodle rip it up,
Yankee Doodle picket;
Fold your dang APPR
And tell ‘em where to stick it!

Teacher and I went up to NYSUT
Just to feel brawny;
Though they had but nought to say
Their pensions were quite bonnie.

Yankee Doodle rip it up,
Yankee Doodle picket;
Yankee Doodle grab your dues
And tell ‘em where to stick it!

Then we went to Washington
And got no satisfaction
Those who thought we’d go away
Were stunned by our reaction.

Yankee Doodle rip it up,
Yankee Doodle picket;
Take the money, roll it up
And tell ‘em where to stick it!

Yankee Doodle left for home
Said, “See you next election!
“Leave us and our kids alone
“Or you’ll need some protection!”

Yankee Doodle rip it up,
Yankee Doodle picket;
Give ‘em back their Common Core
And tell ‘em where to stick it!

Yankee Doodle rip it up,
Yankee Doodle picket;
You can keep your Common Core
And you know where to stick it!

The Five Laughs of Teachers


The types of the teacher’s laugh are five.
They reveal themselves as the weekdays arrive.

The laughing of teachers on Monday’s maniacal,
Beginning as soon as they come through the door.
To some, it may sound like a howl demoniacal,
Specially to those living close to the floor.
But the cause of this laugh is quite prosodiacal —
It’s just that it’s Monday. That and nothingmore.

On Tuesdays, the tee-hee of teachers is tawdry
And schlocky and shoddy and shabby and loud.
(I’m sure that my old English teacher, Miss Audrey,
Would not, of my alliteration, be proud.)
Yet one may excuse those, with laughter like bawdry,
Who vainly, yet boldly, refuse to be bowed.

The laugh of a teacher by Wednesday’s a twitter,
Though not of the type that you favorite or share;
But rather the kind of some sad-sounding critter,
Like a bird, perhaps, which cannot take to the air.
Or a small, rusty hinge, or an old-time transmitter
Whose battery’s leaking, whose wires are bare.

By Thursday, the laughter of teachers is soundless:
A deep meditation; a lesson of Zen.
The echoing cavern within is so boundless
The laughter returns there again and again.
And those who seem emptied by forces profoundless
Are refilled by it beyond others’ ken.

On Friday — ah, Friday! — and Thank God It’s Friday!
The laughter of teachers returns with a twist.
It’s both an untied and a fit-to-be-tied day
Species of laughter which seems to insist
That through a black eye comes the light of blue-sky day
And THAT is a lesson too good to be missed.

The types of the teacher’s laugh are five.
They reveal themselves as the weekdays arrive.

Follow the Anti-Tenure Money


Let’s grow this next tree from the roots, up.

The Democracy Alliance, of which Randi Weingarten is a current member, was established with money from George Soros.

George Soros also used his wallet to help establish the Center for American Progress (CAP), an organization created by the Democrat National Committee to provide candidate support while side-stepping the McCain/Feingold Act.

After serving as Clinton White House Chief of Staff, John Podesta was hand-picked by Soros to head CAP. CAP influence as a research and information dissemination resource for the DNC has grown to the point that it is often referred to in Washington, D.C. circles today as the “Second White House.” Although no longer heading CAP, Podesta is currently a consulting senior White House Advisor, serving as Special Presidential Counsel and investigating the NSA privacy issues scandal.

Another former member of the Obama White House is Robert Gibbs, who served as spokesperson and chief strategist for the campaigns before becoming Press Secretary. On leaving that position, Gibbs founded The Incite Agency, a corporate and political communications strategy company, along with another Obama campaign strategist, Ben LaBolt. The agency brags from its website: “We defended and protected the Obama Brand” and “We built…a national movement.”

One of the most recent clients of The Incite Agency is The Partnership for Educational Justice, founded by Campbell Brown.

Campell Brown’s litigation against New York State teacher tenure is being handled pro-bono by Kirkland & Ellis LLP, among whose lawyers include, now or in the past, Robert Bork, Ken Starr, and John Bolton. However, in 2008 the firm was a Top 20 Donor to the Obama campaign, and it’s PAC gave 97% of its donations to Democrats.

This should make speculation about Brown’s funding sources a bit more interesting.

Such confusion!

Confused baby

Such confusion!

If I’m not a person of color, am I a colorless person?
If my ancestors spoke Latin, am I a Latin American?
If I don’t blend in with this screen, am I white?
If I don’t blend in with these words, am I black?
If I’m not gay, am I unhappy?
If I’m tolerant, am I for others’ choices?
If I’m not liberal, am I reluctant with others’ liberty?
If I’m not conservative, am I generous with others’ liberty?
If I’m not moderate, am I open to anything?
If I’m not a celebrity, am I unknown?
If I’m not from the Caucasus, am I a non-Caucasian?
If I’m not a minority, am I the same as everyone else?
If I’m not loaded, am I unloaded?
If I’m not rolling in it, am I unrolling in it?
If I’m not famous, am I infamous?

Language can cause such confusion, especially when it comes to stupid distinctions.

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