EdWeek asks: Can teaching’s ‘revolving door’ be stopped?

“Can teaching’s ‘revolving door’ be stopped?” Sadly, I think not. The “revolving door” is exactly the goal of the politicians, social engineers, and millionaire activists who are in charge of public education in the United States. A young, inexperienced, and pliable teaching staff with a quick rollover that eliminates the necessity of increased pay and pensions is what they’re looking for. That, and the appeasement of the various voting blocks which strive to promote their various agendas by purposely creating an ignorant adult populace through the institutionalized educational abuse of children. But, considering I went to public schools and have taught in them for 20 years, I’m probably wrong.

In any case, here is small collection of ideas from not-so-bad to very good, which may provide some brief entertainment, and then be ignored.


Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable:
Can Teaching’s ‘Revolving Door Be Stopped?’


(Education Week)


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